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At IBEROSTAR the smallest members of the family have always been the protagonists. With them in mind, we develop comprehensive and varied activity programmes, and place the best professional children's entertainment team within their reach. Now, to get even closer to them, if possible, we want all of their enjoyment to come through Starky and Stella, our friendly mascots. Their presence will be constant throughout all areas of the hotel and at the fun and sporting activities geared towards the enjoyment of your children.

They can play, dance, sing and have fun in person with Starky and Stella, and in addition, a vast array of merchandising, clothes and games with the images of the two characters who are sure to delight the kids is available.

You will find them in reception on arrival, in the Miniclub/Kidsclub, in the play areas and shops, at the minidisco and even in the themed restaurants. There is no doubt that Starky and Stella will become the little ones' best friends during your stay with us.


What is more, our activities are conceived for children of all ages and created especially for them:

  • Miniclub (4-7 years)
  • Maxiclub (8-12 years)
  • Teenclub (12-18 years)