All the fun you could imagine and so much more 

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At IBEROSTAR we believe that the best memories you can take away from your holiday is the great time that you have spent with us. That is why we consider it essential to create a fun ambience for all ages all day long.

In all of our hotels we have top entertainment teams, the STARFRIENDS, who are in charge of organising classes, shows and a world of sporting and other activities which will ensure that your holidays are unforgettable.


  • Expert Entertainers: Our STARFRIENDS
  • Our Mascots: Starky and Stella
  • Miniclub, Teenclub and Maxiclub
  • 14 hours of activities per day
  • Daytime activities
  • Evening entertainment


If there is one important group in our hotels it is the children. And our children's ambassadors are responsible for ensuring that they have a great time, along with our mascots Starky and Stella, genuine generators of fun for our smallest guests.

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At IBEROSTAR we believe your enjoyment should be accompanied by some background music. That is why we place IBEROSTAR Music at your disposal, a collection of 5 CDs, 4 for adults (Brazilian, Pop, Caribbean and Chill-out) and one more for the little ones, with 40 songs in 10 languages. They include some exclusive IBEROSTAR tunes, one of them dedicated to our mascots, Starky and Stella. Because fun with music is even more enjoyable.


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At IBEROSTAR there is always room for leisure. That is why the entertainment in our hotels includes various activities throughout the day and night. Through them we guarantee fun on all levels for all ages.


The best way to end the day is with a good night of entertainment. At IBEROSTAR that is what we offer you through spectacular evening shows performed by our professional entertainment teams.

Enjoy the themed shows and our exclusive team of dancers who make every evening special and unique, night after night, all year round.


If you want to see first hand the great time our guests have in IBEROSTAR hotels, you can follow us on our different social media profiles and become a genuine STARFAN. You will have live information about the activities organised by the STARFRIENDS, which ensure your holidays are filled with all the enjoyment imaginable.

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In IBEROSTAR The Grand Collection hotels, for adults only, enjoyment is also guaranteed through the various activities organised by our STARFRIENDS. Enjoy a game of paddle, go spinning, take dance classes and take part in the countless activities designed to guarantee you the most enjoyable holiday of your life.